Thursday, May 21, 2009

MODify it

norah jones - love me tender

woke up late but had tons of fun at the staffer workshop. mod makes awesome magnets, so crafty! after, i wasted 3+ hours at pat&oscars eating/talking to jee & modestine. dang those two are so freaking funny my stomach hurt the whole time. plus, tomorrow is already wednesday! i LEAVE on friday! i have to wake up at 4am! and i only did my siddhartha journals, but i haven't read ANY books. (i read sidd last year but i have to reread it for the test). thank god i did my french homework or going to new york and doing all my work would totally blow. plus it doesn't help that i spend like 9 hours a day watching the olympics. doesn't matter what sport, i will watch it! i hate school. everyone else gets to start september 7th. we don't even get out earlier! BLAHHHHHHHHH! i hope women's gymnastics is on today. china is REALLY good, yellow teeth and all. at least they smile, unlike romania--too hardcore to look remotely emotional.

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